What to Expect from the Second Round of Financing?

Release Date:

June 10, 2024

Adrian, CEO NClip

Great News: We successfully pitched our project to NRW Bank in early May and are now in the second round of financing. It's crunch time to get ready for this round so we can join the business angel network and pitch to the business angels in July. We've also revamped our pitch deck, fine-tuned our product, business model, and marketing strategy. The whole team is really excited. 🔥

All in all, we've dived deeper into the NClip topic and cleared up all uncertainties, bringing more clarity for us and our customers.

Another highlight in May: we welcomed a new Senior Developer, Ahmad, to the team, making it five devs now. Plus, it looks like we'll soon be adding another Senior Developer, Khattab, as a part-time Warrior. 💪🏼

The Future of Content Creation

Is evolving rapidly! It's increasingly clear that many of today's content creator will fade away within five years if they don't cultivate a strong community beyond social media channels. Social platforms are growing larger and more cluttered, emphasizing the need for a decentralized approach for long-term success. Julius Dein rightly advises creators to focus on longevity.

Plus, we're already witnessing a shift: content reaches not only followers but anyone for whom it's relevant. This makes it harder to reach and grow followers reliably. Hence, it's crucial to engage with your community beyond social platforms. 🤝

Industry Nuggets

Adam Mosseri on IG

Every Reel get's a Chance

"Smaller creators historically haven’t gotten their fair share of reach on Instagram, and we want to change that. So we’re making some changes to how we rank recommendations to give smaller creators a better chance of breaking through. We are rolling this out slowly but hope smaller creators start to see the benefits over the coming months." – Adam Mosseri says on IG.

A top comment by the creator bearded__boomer:

"I’m a little concerned about this, selfishly. One of the reasons I switched my focus from TT to IG is because of the consistent engagement with my followers that Reels seems to provide. For me, it wasn’t about going viral as much as having a consistent medium level of engagement. If each new reel under this new algorithm is less likely to receive consistent engagement, I will end up feeling less motivated to create content. I guess it depends if you value reach over consistent engagement."

The good thing: Adam Mosseri get's his concern. He believes they won't overcorrect, as they can address many craters with a small percentage of impressions, but IG will stay aware of it. 👀

Full speed towards Beta Launch 🚀

The starting signal for the NClip development has been given – we are going full throttle towards beta launch and prototype creation. We will test and optimise this together with Content Creator. The feedback will help us to take the next steps.


Quick update on the Bibi Blocksberg JOURN3YS project: The community's excited about the chance to share ideas, and that definitely puts a smile on our faces too! :)

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