April 24': Building brand identity without NFTs

Release Date:

June 10, 2024

Founders Diary

April brought NClip intense discussions about the role of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), exciting insights from a workshop week and a successful launch of our Bibi Blocksberg JOURN3YS campaign.keep scrolling to find out what top wins and top fails we recorded and what exciting developments the gaming streamer industry is currently going through. 👇

Monthly Update

In April, we held intensive discussions with content creator management agencies. It became clear to us that NFTs are still a difficult topic. Most agencies are skeptical because there were many black sheep 🐑 in the hype years of 2021 and 2022 who made negative headlines with scams. Nobody wants to bear the responsibility for this, which got us thinking: do we even need NFTs for our business model? 🤔

NClip believes in the technology and what it is useful for, but can we do without it?

Fuck. Yes! That's why we're going all in with tasks, quests, and the points system 🎯 to encourage and reward community engagement for content creators.

We also had an intensive NClip brand identity workshop week in April. We asked ourselves where we wanted to go and defined our brand values.

The campaign launch of Bibi Blocksberg JOURN3YS was a complete success! There were no bugs and everything ran smoothly. There were a few support tickets, but these were resolved quickly and efficiently.

A kick-off community call was also held on 8 April to introduce the NClip platform to all JOURN3YS users and facilitate onboarding.

Top WIN & Top FAIL

First of all: We have realised that we can make our community engagement successful without NFTs and have increased our focus on quests, tasks and rewards.‍

Top WIN: The successful launch of the Bibi Blocksberg JOURN3YS campaign without any technical problems was definitely a highlight in April.

Top FAIL: We had to realise that our product is not scalable and were tempted to build the NClip platform on a content creator instead of on the masses.

Industry Nuggets

YouTube Twitch

Million-dollar deals for streamers on the decline 💸

Since Ninja switched to Microsoft's Mixer in 2019, there have been million-dollar deals for well-known gaming streamers such as Courage, TimTheTatman and others. German streamers such as MontanaBlack were also hoping for lucrative offers. But according to a report by Bloomberg, these deals could soon be a thing of the past. Read more

Instagram Threads

Political content is being curbed‍

Meta wants to take away the reach of political content on threads, Instagram and later also on Facebook. This means that users must now actively follow content creators who are politically active. However, the exact criteria for categorising ‘political content’ are unclear, which is fuelling the debate about the impact of this decision on freedom of expression. Read more


Only the first is relevant?‍

As a tech creator, it's important to stand out from the crowd and not only have the latest equipment, but also produce asap reviews. But is it really only the first one that counts? 🤔 TechNicolas talks about his struggle and his solutions on YouTube.

Adrian's Comment:

Algorithm adjustments in particular show time and again how much creators are dependent on the platforms. This makes it all the more important to reach your community outside of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and the like. This confirms our course at NClip and shows that we are on the right track to offer creators and communities a home.

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